Following on from last week's announcement around Lotus Notes Traveler and Nokia support...

When we introduced Lotus Notes Traveler back in Q1 2008, there were, well, some startup problems with being able to obtain the code.  Unlike typical Notes/Domino product components, you couldn't simply download Notes Traveler from Passport Advantage or Partnerworld.  Instead a registration process was put in place for IBM's tracking purposes.  I acknowledged at the time that it was sub-optimal, but it was necessary.  We eventually got the code on PartnerWorld for partners so that helped things out a bit.  The good news is that the overall process wasn't too difficult -- thousands of customers have registered through the separate process and downloaded Notes Traveler.

At any rate, the registration process is about to go away.  No later than the ship of Notes/Domino 8.5, and perhaps as soon as this week, Lotus Notes Traveler will be available for download by customers on Passport Advantage.  It will continue to be available on PartnerWorld, and is available from XL Software Downloads for IBMers (IBMers can even find early Notes Traveler support for Nokia on XL).  For those who follow me on Twitter, this is what I was looking to figure out today.  The downloads aren't there yet, but the process is all green-lighted and I am expecting to see these downloads appear for all entitled customers soon.

Thank you for your patience :-)

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