Good catch by Stuart, who saw this factoid in Chris Pepin's report on a recent presentation:

In terms of the client, there are over 80,000 employees on Notes 8.x and over 140,000 employees running Lotus Symphony - both integrated into Notes 8 and standalone.
Symphony is one of the products my new team owns.  In just a few days' time, I've learned how important Symphony is to our overall strategy.  Everyone from Steve Mills on down considers it a critical component, and part of that is to fully deploy within the IBM environment.

Aside from Stuart's observation about IBM saving money on Microsoft licenses, there's a lot more value to the IBM internal deployment.  We are focusing on this aspect of IBMers-as-cheerleaders for our own product a lot in the coming months, along with the continued fast pace of the product releases and planning.  In short, learning more about Symphony and thinking about how to have a greater impact with that product is a lot of what I've done this week, and I'm very impressed with what I've seen so far.

Link: The Symphony Blog: IBM now has 140,000 users on Lotus Symphony >

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