A few times this year, I've done a lot of traveling for a little actual work time.  Nothing quite as crazy as that one time I was in Munich for three hours (and then back to the US), but most of my travel in the last several months has been of the 2-3 day variety.  This week, my fifth trip to Europe this year, makes up for that, as I'll spend the full week zipping around to customers, partners, and meetings.

Today, I arrive in Geneva and have a few hours to see the city, with a tour guide -- Jens B. Augustiny of Ligonet -- who has implored me for years to spend some free time in Switzerland.  Tomorrow, I count three customer meetings, a business partner meeting, and a stop in at the SNoUG (Swiss Notes User Group) meeting in Lausanne.  Wednesday has a similar four meeting schedule, then the onward flight to London and a curry with good friends.  Thursday, I'll start the day with the keynote speech at the UKLUG (UK Lotus User Group) -- 300+ are registered to attend -- followed by a few customer meetings, and then a return to UKLUG to finish out the day.  Friday has but one meeting, but a very interesting one.  I've set up this meeting myself, with a frequent public critic of Lotus Notes.  I am not sure what the end result will be, but I hope to be able to blog it afterwards.

Please be sure to say hello at either of the user group meetings, and let me know if there is a specific Lotus Notes/Domino/Protector/Symphony topic you'd like covered in those presentations.

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