Then and now, episode 2

February 6 2008

One of the most high-profile, public discussions of customers migrating away from Lotus Notes has been the saga of Accenture.  In April, 2001, CRN ran a story entitled, "Zollar Challenges Microsoft In Bid To Keep Accenture Business".  By mid-2002, Accenture had announced their migration.  The case studies are on the Microsoft and Avanade websites, though they seem to never mention that Steve Ballmer was on the Accenture Board of Directors at the time the decision was made.  Microsoft also has a 2005 presentation about Accenture's move, which includes this timeline:

Accenture Notes migration timetable

According to that timetable, Accenture had basically sunset Notes applications by January, 2005.

Where are we at today?  Accenture is hiring Notes 6 developers.

Accenture hiring Notes 6 developers, February 2008

Now it's true that Accenture's outsourcing practice has some need for Notes expertise -- they also have a developer job open in that practice now in Orlando, Florida.  But their operations in India were specifically called out as the "remediation" site for the Notes apps -- back in 2005.

It's clear that Notes is not only not gone from the Accenture IT environment, but rather that it is still a key technology.  For example, Jeremy Hansen is featured on their website as a happy Lotus Notes developer in Michigan.  A description of Accenture's Architecture and Infrastructure Services says, in part, that

It also is involved in a variety of personal productivity and team services, including e-mail, Lotus Notes databases, files services, collaboration tools and printing services.
I am thrilled that Lotus Notes is still delivering value to Accenture.  Wouldn't it be great to welcome them back into the community?

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