Therapeutic reboot

October 8 2006

If there's one thing my competition and I can agree upon, it's the need for an occasional "therapeutic reboot" to prevent system crashes.  A simple ten or fifteen minute process will make everything run so much smoother after it's done.  But the hard part is predicting when it will have the most useful impact...sometimes it can be too late and everything is thrown off.

The machine where I've found such success with the therapeutic reboot is myself.  Also known as the "ten minute naptm", this system procedure is best used when the "head bob" or "constant yawn" processes occur.  It typically needs to be executed only once a day, but there are times when two or three reboots are required for optimum performance.  Ideal locations for the therapeutic reboot include living room sofas (including the in-lieu-of-lunch break work-at-home scenario), airplanes upon takeoff, and taxi rides to customer meetings.  Known risks include extended reboots, which can result in missing important processes such as scheduled replication.  Side effects are minimal but can include system irritation upon the conclusion of the reboot cycle.

Oh look, it's getting to be time for a therapeutic

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