More media coverage of this week's Lotus momentum announcement....

Now the Lotus brand is springing back to life.

Buried in IBM's recent earnings report were signs of a resurgence in Lotus Notes and its Domino 8 Server, which together make up the company's fully integrated email, messaging and collaboration suite. IBM acquired Lotus in the mid-1990s. ...

Picciano credits Lotus' and Sametime's Web 2.0 capabilities that enable businesses to incorporate social networking internally, as well as the product's collaboration portal and unified telephony.

These new deals went a long way to growing Lotus revenue 21% year over year during the second quarter ended in June, compared with growth of 12% for the same quarter of 2007.
The story has a little bit of a titan vs. underdog feel to it, with IBM in the role of the underdog, but hey, if this is how they show IBM Lotus as a force in this space, we'll take it.

Link: IBM Sees a Lift in Lotus >

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