For many months, I've been debating giving this weblog a real name.  It just sounds so boring to say "Ed Brill's weblog", when there are so many out there with catchy names.  In fact, I noticed in looking at Feedster's new Top 500 blogs feature that the vast majority of the top blogs have brand names. Thus, I thought, perhaps a "real" name would add to the readership of this humble website.

I thought about having a contest, with the winner getting a free pass to Lotusphere 2006.  (I can make these things happen ;)  But I'm going to bias the contest a bit.  I've already registered a domain name with the blog name I'd like to use.  Thus, my interest today is in feedback on that blog name, and, alternatively, proposals for any better names.

The name I've been thinking of using is Brilliant Flashes.  I like it for two reasons.  First, like many blog names, it plays on my surname.  Second, it captures the nature of blogging -- flashes, short bursts of information that prompt reactions.  In making a masthead with this blog name, I'd put "brill" in a different color/font to emphasize how it plays off my name, rather than the ego-centric "brilliant".

We've heard other names proposed during this blog's almost three-year tenure... "De-fibrillator" was one that I think Rocky Oliver came up with.  I don't want to keep the focus on the competitive aspect that this otherwise-good name conjures up.

Open to thoughts, suggestions, rotten tomatoes...

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