I now present three links worthy of your attention today ... that merit more than a Thursday Twitter tweet:

  • Domino 8.5 performance numbers on Dominoblog.com: Andrea Waugh-Metzger brings news of a report on IBM DeveloperWorks which captures the substantial improvements in Domino 8.5 efficiency in the new release.  The report covers reductions in processor utilization, disk operations/second, and disk bytes/second on all Domino platforms.
  • Burton Group's Mike Gotta brings together his Twitter thoughts in a blog entry about where SharePoint is at and the overall "enterprise 2.0" market in "Circling Around To Enterprise 2.0 Again".  It seems that the initial euphoria for SharePoint is over, and now companies are settling down into figuring out what it can or cannot do.  The other day I read someone deride my frequent description of SharePoint as "file server 2.0", but recent surveys have confirmed that half of all SharePoint users only think of it as a file server and companies are even starting to remove it.  Gotta examines the plus and inus of where SharePoint really is at in the market and how that relates to the rest of us.  Mike's ultimate conclusion is
    [L]et's get off the "what is" debate about products and features and focus on "how used" when it comes to E2.0.
    Some interesting words about file-based collaboration vs. the notion of collaboration generally, too.
  • Blueskills.net -- This is a great effort out of Bluewave lead by Paul Mooney.  Blueskills.net  says
    It's goal is to bring employers and skilled Domino related professionals together cutting out the exhaustive searches that need to be completed on traditional recruitment portals.
    This is a great effort and I am very excited about the prospect of making it easier to find opportunities in the Lotus-branded product marketplace.  The site looks great, and to make it even better, they've added an IdeaJam for additional ideas and suggestions.  Check it out!

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