A few appearances of recent IBM news around Notes/Domino:

Both Osterman Research and Gartner have published opinions on the Lotus Notes Hosted Messaging announcement from last week.  From Osterman, "Notes in the Cloud":

[T]he new offering would be a good way for current Notes-enabled organizations to provide basic e-mail and calendaring services to groups that today do not have them -- factory workers, those who work at a retail counter, etc. It will also be useful as a means of providing service to satellite offices without on-premise IT staff. And, IBM will likely be able to attract a number of new clients into the Notes fold -- particularly among smaller organizations -- that might not otherwise have considered Notes as an on-premise system.
From Gartner, "IBM Notes Hosting Will Compete With Exchange Service Offerings":
IBM is responding to demand from its Notes customers for standard hosted e-mail services, as well as to the continuing competitive e-mail threats from Microsoft and forthcoming competition from Google and Cisco.

Hosted Notes actually has been available for many years through IBM Global Services and third parties. With this announcement, IBM will enable its software sales force to sell the hosted Notes e-mail service with a more fixed price schedule.
From IBM's Information on Demand conference, going on this week in Las Vegas, a press release entitled, "IBM Addresses Information-Related Energy and Environmental Challenges":
The next significant release of Lotus Notes 8.5 and Domino e-mail and collaboration software, expected to be available in the first quarter, 2009, includes a new efficiency feature called Domino Attachment Object Service. This ensures that only one copy of the file attachment is kept on each mail server helping companies benefit by eliminating the use of valuable storage hardware and software resources including floor space, energy and related costs. The savings due to reduced storage space requirements for Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino is expected to be on the average of 35 percent for each business. IBM Lotus Notes version 8.5 will also make it easier to find content stored on an IBM Lotus Connections server so that the content does not need to be present in every mail file.
Update: I struck through the Q109 thought for ND8.5... am seeking to have the press release adjusted (though this doesn't usually happen after the fact.

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