1) Man, it's hard to get used to the current travel security restrictions.  I went to buy lunch and just bought the usual sandwich and a Diet Coke... and didn't even think about it until the "reminder no liquids may be brought on board".  Duh.  Again no enforcement, but I tossed it anyway.  On arrival at Denver International, I wondered how the Body Shop outlet in the terminal is doing business-wise...since a good majority of what they sell can no longer be carried on.  Same challenge the duty free stores are having with liquor and perfume.  Amazing how a single event can completely change the business plan.

2) For my second and only time flying into Denver, I have once again been blessed with a Kia Sedona as my crappy rental car.  Now that Hertz isn't wholly owned by Ford anymore, they seem to have a more diverse selection of cars.  But when I'm looking at 350zs on the lot, and they direct me to the Kia, I have to wonder where the perks of being a frequent renter are....

3) The person across the aisle from me on the flight out was running Notes, looked like Notes 6.x to me.  But his mail template was still from Notes R4.6.  Is it any wonder that there are users out there who still proclaim that Notes sucks, when their IT departments leave them hanging on eight-year-old technology (while giving the appearance of being relatively current)?

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