1.        One of the things I enjoy about visiting Germany are the ubiquitous bäckereien such as Kamps.  This morning, on my six minute train connection at the Mannheim Hauptbanhof, I was able to detour into the bakery and buy drei bretzeln (three soft pretzels) for Eur 1.40 (US$1.68).  In the US, Auntie Anne's pretzels has a 3 for US$5 "deal" (I didn't check the prices at their Suria KLCC location).  Interesting economics.  At any rate, German bakeries and breads are one of the things I look forward to on every trip (along with the breakfast buffets that feature such breads).
2.        The Baden area of Germany seems really cool.  In my spare time this week, I was able to make a quick trip to Etlingen (as did Rocky), a brief visit to the Schloß in Karlsruhe, and dinner in Baden-Baden.  Enjoyed 'em all, and realized that there was a lot more to see.  What was really cool about going to Baden-Baden was the convenience factor -- got on the S-bahn tram right outside the Karlsruhe hotel, which went all the way to Baden-Baden (30+ km) in a quick 40 minutes.  I could spend a lot of time in a town like Baden-Baden.

3.        Upon re-entry to reality this side of the Atlantic, I had one of those "my how things have changed" moments.  I was present at the dentist for a first dental cavity filling.  The dentist used a laser for the procedure, which was done in about five minutes with almost no pain.  How different than the days of drills and novocaine.  I realize this is not at all news to those of you with children, and I shouldn't really be surprised at the technology progression, but wow.  On the other hand, I can't use the threat of the dental drill as a reminder to why brushing before bedtime is so important. :-)

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