Business partners who attended yesterday's business development day general session got a real treat -- a chance to see artist Dan Dunn in action.  My colleague Tim Kounadis writes (username/password for Paxos required):

We also had artist  Dan Dunn there - who wowed the audience!

Although I talked about how to bid on the Mona Lisa that Dan Dunn painted, some might have missed the details. So if you did and want to participate in the auction (with proceeds going to charity) here is what you need to do.
  • make sure you have a bleedyellow account (
  • go to
  • In the box - enter in @bid and the amount you want to offer and submit (for example @bid 10000
  • the winner will be announced at this evenings BP Reception

So for those of you in Orlando - bid for a great cause. To give you some perspective - here is an article that talks about a Dan Dunn painting of Shaq - that fetched 41K!!

Now I know the economy is down - but I hope we can see the Channel Community get up to those type of figures - given the cause!! Happy bidding - see you at the Reception!
That's it for now -- I am off to breakfast and the Opening General Session.  Please be sure to come to INV102 at 1 PM, the Notes/Domino roadmap session -- I promise it will be fantastic!  And then I'll see many of you at BP304, featuring Eric Mack and David Allen, at 5!

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