OK, I'm actually going to link to three different blog entries from this one, but I picked a deliberately provocative quote from Mr. Tripcony to get everyone's attention.

First, go read these:
* Tim Tripcony: Afterthought

I suspect that, to IBM, Domino developers are an afterthought.
* Tommy Valand: Rant about Notes 8, Lotus/IBM
[T]he majority (the non-java) of [Domino] developers were screwed over in a release.
* Nathan Freeman: Sanity Check
Hypothesis: In normal software engineering efforts, most programming problems are solved by toolkits.  In Domino development, most programming problems are solved by collaboration.

Could that be (at least one of) the reason why it's so difficult for IT departments and software companies (including IBM!) to grasp Domino dev?
What all three of these posts appear to be getting at is that it's high time that IBM does something for the Notes/Domino development community.  The secondary assertion, playing out in the very-active comments section of Nathan's post, is that traditional Notes/Domino developers have bupkus to show for the last several releases, and that all this stuff about web services, composite applications, and Eclipse is really interesting, but when is something exciting actually going to happen with Domino Designer?  Nathan also asserts that part of the reason all those "interesting" things have been slow on the takeup is that they are fundamentally different than the way Notes/Domino developers think and operate -- that the "RAD" characteristics of Notes/Domino don't apply to building with Eclipse, Java, and composite applications.

I can't comment on every point made by Mr. Tripcony, Mr. Valand, and Mr. Freeman, but a lot of them, however tough to hear as the vendor in this discussion, are on target.  We have work to do in the application development arena for Notes/Domino.  Bob Balaban has been posting frequently on ideas that he is pursuing for future app dev in the Notes/Domino arena. There are several references in the various discussions to things coming in 2008 (but not yet formally announced), and I know that news [and more stuff that hasn't been hinted or leaked in public] can't come soon enough.  Still, there's clearly a sense in these postings that says to me, "OK, IBM, now that Notes 8 is out and you've done a lot of work for end-users, you've got to get back to the developers developers developers."  Almost like an omen, right KC?

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