Nice to see friend and colleague Mr. Darren Adams quoted in the Times...more mainstream media attention for Lotus in the UK:

Employers are experimenting with the new ideas of social networking, instant messaging and wikis to assemble and manage teams of the best people for any particular project, even though the members may be dispersed round the globe.

At the heart of the collaborative working revolution is unified communications, computer networks that carry all the different forms of communication simultaneously and interchangeably. People can choose the most appropriate method, or combination of methods, from instant messages, through whiteboard presentations or voice calls, and change from one to another while communicating.  ...

The most important element of the new communications is instant messaging (IM) says Darren Adams of IBM UK, supplier of the widely-used Lotus messaging system.

"Where it is adopted, forty per cent of email is replaced by IM, which cuts the amount of time people spend exchanging messages," he says.  ...

IM can also be used to store expertise, Mr Adams points out: "Here at IBM we have a culture of not going direct to experts but asking it in public, so everyone can benefit from the answer and the expert does not get asked the same thing again and again."

Questions and answers are tagged so others with the same problem can locate the answer with a simple search -- an incredibly powerful way of hanging on to knowledge that used to die when the expert left or retired.
and that's just from page 1 of the interview.  Good work, Daz!

Link: Times Online: With your head in the clouds >  (Thanks, Stuart D)

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