The guy next to me on this flight is reading his Wall Street Journal.  In the upper left of the front page was a courtesy sticker, indicating that he probably received the paper for free at a hotel.  It reads "To subscribe, call 1-800-JOURNAL".

Does anybody still do that anymore?

I can't imagine any business traveler who had a remote interest in subscribing to the Journal picking up the phone and calling in to subscribe.  Excuse me a moment -- while I'm sitting here waiting for this flight, I'll go over to that pay telephone, call into their call center, give my credit card number aloud, repeat the spelling of my street three times, and politely decline the upsell to a two-year subscription.

Wouldn't the Wall Street Journal's marketing department do themselves a favor by changing that sticker to say "To subscribe, visit"?

Tune in next week when we ponder why in-flight magazine advertisements sometimes include the zip code (postal code) of the establishment they are advertising.

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