Today is a busy day for IBM MobileFirst.

We started the day here in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress, a conference with 80,000 attendees from all over the world. IBM's presence at Mobile World Congress (#IBMMWC) starts with a magnificent trade show booth, continues with hundreds of meetings, accelerates with a 1/2 day mini-conference Tuesday afternoon, and culminates with a keynote from CEO and Chairman Ginni Rometty on Wednesday evening.

I've heard all the stories about MWC, which is 2nd only to CeBIT in terms of size of a European technology show, but being here is a whole different thing. The Fira Barcelona is almost a mile long, and the show continues throughout every one of eight buildings. I logged nearly 20,000 FitBit steps yesterday without any workout, or even really any sightseeing. There appear to be over 200 IBMers here, plus some recent acquisitions like The Now Factory and MaaS360 by Fiberlink, and we have several speakers throughout the week including Andrew Grill and those in our own 1/2 day conference - IBM GM Marie Wieck, IBM GM Rich Esposito, IBM Global Business Services partner Kevin Custis, and Fiberlink CEO Jim Sheward.

Meanwhile half a world away, in Las Vegas, IBM is holding the annual Pulse conference, which has become our premier cloud event. And today at Pulse, we are announcing the public beta of Codename "Bluemix", the new IBM cloud developer platform. From the individual developer to the VP of apps, aBluemix is an ideal cloud platform-as-a-service environment for building, deploying, and managing web and mobile apps. Both IBM and our partners are delivering modular cloud services for typical app use cases of today: integration, data management, DevOps, analytics, and more.

If you're a developer, you will now have a hand in creating the future. Codename: BlueMix offers you all the instant services, runtimes, and infrastructure you need to push your ideas into the present.

"Bluemix" is one of the key remaining pieces of the equation for IBM's mobile enterprise story. In the year that I have been part of this organization, what I've heard is that IBM Worklight is the best Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) in the industry. That's ideal if you are in a position to be adopting a platform. But say you are a power user in line-of-business - can you adopt and deploy the Worklight environment? It's a bigger thing. This is where mobile cloud services come into play; a developer of one can get started in a matter of minutes with building an app, from predefined capabilities through to straight coding.

Our intent with "Bluemix" is to compete and win in the mobile app platform market in the broadest possible way. You'll see us do things different for "Bluemix" - very different - than the way IBM usually has approached developers. We anticipate you'll find out about "Bluemix" on StackOverflow or GitHub or meetups or atypical (e.g. non-IBM) conferences. Delivery is integrated into the service, hosted on IBM Softlayer, so local market hybrid cloud deployment is straightforward. And of course, it's an infinitely flexible environment, so new capabilities, services, and partners will continually be added.

There's lots more news from IBM Mobile coming this week; I'll be blogging and Tweeting along as additional announcements make their way into public visibility. There's something for everyone, so stay tuned :-)

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  1. 1  Rob McDonagh  |

    Very interesting, Ed. Puts your recent comments in perspective.

    I don't see pricing at first glance. Is it safe to assume this won't cost $174,000 for an individual developer looking to build a single app? *grin*

  1. 2  Ed Brill |

    @1 Rob, it's too soon to talk specifics, but the intent is for a somewhat a-la-carte but bundled service model. For sure it will be attractive to the individual developer, that is the target market.

    Meanwhile on the Worklight front we have some additional licensing options coming up there too.

  1. 3  Belinda Johnson |

    We've recently created a devworks article and application for people interested in giving BlueMix a try! Basically it takes you from a normal android app to mobile data on the cloud!

    Check it out:

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