Sometimes, the relative isolation of working in a home office is a very good thing.  When I'm not on the road, the ability to skip the commute and focus on the work is hugely beneficial.  The flexibility, comfort of being at home, and most importantly, ability to be remote from any IBM center of gravity, are all key parts of my career success.  I often wonder if I could go back and work in a "traditional" office environment after ten years of home office setup.

This week, though, I'm spending much of my Bay Area/Silicon Valley time doing face-to-face meetings with important partners in my Notes/Domino world.  Today, the first day of such meetings served as a strong reminder of how important the human connection and face-to-face can be.  All of the people I met today had previously just been email contacts or the occasional phone call, transactional interactions at best.  Sitting in offices and conference rooms served to increase the intensity, and also the outcomes.

I know this must seem really obvious to those of you who still get dressed, put on your badge, and go to work every day, but sitting in the (very nice) cafeteria of one of these partners, enjoying "farm-to-fork" quality surrounded by hundreds of people from all sorts of nationalities and was a very productive and rewarding day.  I need to get out here more often.

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