Tom Duff´s not buying it

December 14 2005

Tom Duff wonders why Microsoft seems surprised to not be exhibiting at Lotusphere...

I saw that Microsoft was not granted a booth for Lotusphere this year, and to that I say...  way to go, IBM!  I have a hard time with the fact that Microsoft wants to have a booth with the stated purpose to help Notes developers integrate Notes and .Net technology.  I don't have a problem with integrating those things, but I have a significant issue when it's Microsoft that's doing it.
The discussion that has ensued is almost more interesting than the original thought.  I've left a few comments there, but let me summarize:
  • Microsoft's not exhibiting at Lotusphere.  However, as has been true for many years, they will have several attendees at the event.  And no, we won't be putting red badges on them as we did a few years ago :)
  • Lotus and Microsoft integration = good.  That's why people like John Head are speaking about it during the conference.  That's why vendors are exhibiting their integration tools.
  • Windows is indeed a prevailing platform for Domino servers (and of course Notes clients).  That's not what the discussion is about.
  • This isn't personal, really, but I do resent characterizations that IBM is doing something evil.  As Bob Balaban commented on Tom's site, business is business.  I happen to know who made the decision around Microsoft exhibiting at Lotusphere, and think the process by which this decision was made was a very solid one.

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