Tomas examines a recent blog posting looking at the requirements for "mastering SharePoint" and decides he doesn't like what he sees...

Interesting reading for every one who wants to know a little more about the product and what it is like to work with it.

Read it?... Ok!
Now you now why I'm happy to be a Domino developer.
I guess the original author didn't like it, either -- the title of that blog post is "Why SharePoint Portal Server is Terrible". (Yes, I know, it's not a Portal Server anymore...)

Tomas goes on to say that he's a lucky man:
Now I know why I like Domino, it is simple to manage and easy to use. Developing application can be quick and simple or hard and complex. You as a developer have the choice.

At the moment I feel lucky not having to learn another system, being able to concentrate on things I find interesting. Namely perfecting my Java, JavaScript and the new (not rewritten) functionalities in Domino 8.

Maybe that's why so many Domino developer have time to blog.
Link: Tomas Ekström: Why I like Domino >

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