Tomorrow, Microsoft will issue a software update to Internet Explorer, changing the behavior of ActiveX controls within certain web pages.   Most software vendors are affected (not just IBM!).  Several Domino community bloggers have picked up this issue.  Rob Novak has been a rock star, championing and pushing to make sure that Domino Web Access and Quickplace issues related to this update are documented and/or addressed.  Thanks, Rob, along with the Lotus team he's been working with (including one Notes Goddess).

Other bloggers with detailed information about this patch, along with links to IBM technotes and other documentation about the impact to Lotus products, are Gregg Eldred and Warren Elsmore.  Both of them picked up some details from the excellent summary e-mailed out to Lotus support customers by IBM's Flemming Christensen over the weekend (thanks for this extra effort, Flemming!).

Check it out and be sure you're ready..
Key IBM technotes:  Quickplace, Sametime, Domino, Domino Web Access

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