Thank you to my new geek friends for coming out on what was, for a while, an incredibly stormy and wet Thursday in T.O.!  Five IBMers, three customers, and a business partner chatted and laughed for over three hours.  It was good to see "Joe Canadian" (aka Ken Porter) again, and he and my colleague Jennifer (who left her CROCS at home) got to compare what number they were in queue at the opening of the Toronto Apple Store.  We also talked everything from World Cup to Thinkpads to hosting (thanks Pete, the 3rd largest Domino hosting provider) to iSeries NSFDB2 (thanks, George) to Myspace.

One note to self -- remember to log off from Plazes before leaving for a geekdinner.  I realized this about halfway down the street...anyone looking at my website probably thought that I was still sitting here at the computer.  Actually, no, the computer was busy trying to recover from one of the stupider fat-finger moves I've ever done -- delete my Notes data directory off my hard drive.  I thought I was prepping my machine for install of Sametime 7.5 beta 3 and Notes "Hannover" pre-beta (m2).... oops.  I did get Sametime 7.5 beta updated, but "Hannover" will probably have to wait for a faster link back home.  Still, by next week, I should be able to start telling you all about the current status of the next Notes.

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