Over the last several days, a number of new training and education opportunities have crossed my desk that I think are worthwhile...

1) A Quickr 8.2 for Domino "master class".

This class is designed for individuals with Lotus Domino and Lotus Quickr for Domino implementation experience who wish to extend their knowledge of Lotus Quickr deployment, its architecture and how to extend it.
The class is being held in Dublin, Ireland on 16-17 September and in Littleton, MA USA on October 6th and 7th.

2) TLCC has been accelerating their offerings around Notes/Domino 8.5 application development.  New courses available include a 2nd Notes/Domino 8.5 application development module, and an XPages/JavaScript for Domino 8.5 one.  As I have been saying at all my recent public speaking engagements...if you are a developer, you should learn XPages.  Good stuff from TLCC.

3) The Lotus services team has expanded their Multimedia Library offerings...now they have a Sametime module to help end-users with 300 activities within Lotus Sametime.  This is in addition to the existing Multimedia Library for Lotus Notes.  Very affordable and the Notes module has been a big hit.

Last, Lotus Connections 2.5 is now available with tons of new stuff available on the Connections team blog.  Be sure to check out the six-minute YouTube video highlighting this new release.

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