I hope this doesn't become an obsession...


discovery date name
2005/08/17 at 21:08 IBM, Marysville, MO
2005/08/17 at 19:01 Lucas Park Grille
2005/08/12 at 06:30 Las Vegas Hilton
2005/08/11 at 23:39 UNLV, Las Vegas, NV USA

I've claimed a few new plazes in the last week, and thought I was going to continue this with a lunchtime stop today.  Panera Bread, generic Chicago suburb, free wifi.  Only one problem -- their firewall had plazes.com blocked.  Apparently, plazes.com is an "adult content" site. LOL

I think they should give me credit anyway.

Chris Miller and I battled it out to claim Lucas Park Grille during our lunch on Wednesday... I beat him by two minutes. :)

I'll certainly be trying to claim a few new plazes while in Ireland next week, if Paul Mooney hasn't grabbed them all first.

OK, maybe it's already an obsession. :)

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