Last week, I was in New York for a few days and had a great lunch with Mitch Cohen.  We were talking about a recent frustration of mine -- finding things I talked about on Twitter or Facebook.  There's simply no good way to go back and data mine -- what exactly was the name of that Belgian Beer I had that I actually liked? -- on either service.

Mitch mentioned a new beta service called  It seems like this is made for me.  Memolane aggregates your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, TripIt, and FourSquare into a digital timeline, or as they say, time machine.  

Memolane - Your time machine for the web from Memolane on Vimeo.

I signed up for the beta, was accepted, configured and was up and running pretty quickly.  I love it -- the combo of physical breadcrumbs from TripIt and FourSquare along with the status and visual updates from Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr is laid out very nicely.  It provides a simple impression of your history -- your life -- on a single timeline.  Oh, and most importantly, it's searchable.

So, that beer was called "Forbidden Fruit" :-)

What I don't get yet is the social aspect of MemoLane.  I know why *I* want access to all this stuff, but I'm not sure why I want to make it open to others, or to what granularity.  Time to explore some more.

UPDATED: Memolane has kindly offered an invitation code for readers.  Use invite code "brill" at >

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