The next two weeks are shaping up to be quite busy on the travel front.  On Tuesday, April 21, I'll be at the kick-off the renamed Tri-State Lotus User Group meeting, which starts at 6 PM at IBM, 590 Madison Avenue, New York City.  Then Wednesday, I move from New York to New England, at the kick-off of the revitalized New England Lotus User Group in Waltham, also starting at 6 PM.  That meeting is at IBM's Innovation Center facility in Waltham.

The travel continues from there...on Friday I will be in Lincoln, Nebraska at an event for the University of Nebraska Raikes School students who have been working on IBM Lotus technology as a project.  Some of you met Matt and Nate at Lotusphere, the whole cast will be in Lincoln on Friday.

Next week, Lotusphere Comes to You travels resume -- with Columbus, Toronto, and Indianapolis on the list.

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