Today is a busy day in Notes/Domino land, with the DNUG (Deutsche Notes User Group) conference keynotes happening in Düsseldorf in just a few hours.  There are a number of news announcements in the keynotes and breakouts -- some are brand-new news, while others are updates and progress reports on announcements from Lotusphere 2009.  I'll be blogging these updates today and tomorrow, and highlighting any resulting news coverage.

The first announcement is live.  Today, IBM is announcing a promotional 25% discount off new Notes and iNotes licenses, as well as a 25% discount off "reinstatement" (restarting a lapsed maintenance agreement).  This limited-time promotion is available worldwide, except in Japan, until August 5, 2009.  

Through this promotion, organizations have the opportunity to install or expand Lotus Notes/Domino deployments at a reduced price.  This promotion is especially timely for Microsoft Exchange customers who, in Microsoft's fiscal Q4, are facing yet another large renewal bill for laggard products like Office and Exchange, and are looking for a better way than yet another rip-and-replace migration.  This promotion is also designed to encourage IT organizations who run earlier versions of Lotus Notes to check out all the operational cost savings available by implementing Notes/Domino 8.5 and Lotus Symphony, IBM's no-cost office productivity suite.  And of course, the promotional discount helps existing Notes customers consider expansion of their deployments at a lower upfront cost.

Since we obtained approval for this promotion a couple of weeks ago, it has been quite fun to watch how many different parts of IBM get involved in communicating about it.  We've run several internal calls, done a bunch of e-mail, published newsletters and enablement tools, and readied public content for  This morning, all of that gets a green light to go external, starting right now.  I'm looking forward to seeing the impact.

Link: channel announcement: IBM Lotus Notes discount promotion >  (Link updated)

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