This morning at the Deutsche Notes User Group DNUG, OpenNTF's steering committee announced the next iteration of  A group of nine industry leaders, including IBM Vice President Brent Peters, have formed the initial steering committee for the renewed organization.  They have also published bylaws and operating principles for OpenNTF.  Last, they have changed the licensing approach used for OpenNTF contributions to the Apache License V2.

These moves result from the announcement at Lotusphere that IBM would join more closely into the community.  As Niklas Heidloff writes:

The Notes/Domino application platform has always been very strong to build applications rapidly. With XPages this rapid application development even gets more powerful since XPages leverage standard (web) programming patterns, technologies, etc. and enable a big range of developers to build applications and building blocks. OpenNTF allows now this community of developers (customers, partners, freelancers) to share these assets easily and use and extend each other's assets. I think that not only IBM will benefit from this new Alliance, but that the new Alliance will be as valuable for many other companies who use Notes/Domino for application development.
Visit the new today, and read OpenNTF's official announcement.

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