Among our many announcements last week was a plan to integrate Lotus Notes with online calendaring service Tungle:

At the Lotusphere conference in Orlando, IBM announced new key partnerships with Tungle, TripIt, LinkedIn, and Salesforce.   ... Tungle is proud to be working with such a respected, and well-established company as IBM.  Soon, busy professionals on Notes will be able to schedule their meetings, inside and outside their company, the Tungle way - quickly, easily and headache-free.
I've just started to use Tungle to coordinate meetings with "outsiders" -- customers, partners, industry figures -- and of course, the only thing I don't like right now is that I need to leave Notes to start the process. Once the integration is done, I think we'll all be more effective at meeting scheduling.  I especially like how Tungle starts with a wide aperture of available times, and then eventually narrows down such that the last person to respond effectively chooses the meeting time.  I wonder if that will change behavior.

Lotus Notes + Tungle integration concept

Link: IBM announces a key partnership with Tungle >

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