Duffbert and others have picked up this story which appears on CIO.com.au as well as the author's own site, Delimiter:

So Bergh sent a few members from his team over to a conference in Brisbane on how to move to Exchange 2010 to scope out the Microsoft platform -- check out the lay of the land and see what would be involved in a migration of Boystown's 480 staff. What they found disappointed him.

"They came back and explained to me that it's quite a lengthy procedure ... a rollout that will take months and things like that," he says. In addition, the featureset of Microsoft's latest collaboration opus didn't impress Bergh that much. He noted that there were new additions to Exchange 2010 that "Domino has had for two or three years already".

In comparison, Bergh says the eventual upgrade of his company's Notes environment -- which took place last December to version 8.5.1 of the software -- took just 15 minutes one morning when only a few staff were using their collaboration platform. ....

If Boystown was to use a rival collaboration offering, Bergh says, he would need to buy quite a few more corporate applications just to match the functionality that Notes already offers.
So it was just a month ago that the same website was taking a strong position of inevitability against Lotus Notes.  I think that makes this story on why a customer would choose to upgrade and continue/extend their investment in Lotus Notes/Domino all the more compelling.

I'm not satisfied in a world of just talking about existing customers upgrading...we had some great competitive wins in the last few months, and we'll be talking about some of those quite publicly, very soon.  Lotus Knows we are winning in ANZ, and all over the world.

Link: Delimiter: BoysTown achieves the Lotus position -- without Exchange >

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