Twitter 500

June 9 2008

Looks like I'm rolling 500 deep on Twitter...

Image:Twitter 500

This is going to be an interesting week for the Twitter infrastructure, with Apple's WWDC and the Enterprise 2.0 conference both on tap.  I notice that the top line on Twitter's website is trying to redirect readers who are interested in WWDC to Summize , which seems like a pretty blunt admission of their challenges keeping up of late.

I've come to really enjoy using Twitter, making new contacts, finding out what people are working on, using it for meetups, and just to get a better sense of the people I know.  It's an addictive application, especially when tied into the Crackberry.  The question is, will it be able to drop the "thanks for your patience" or "something is wrong" messages soon, and get to the next level, or will users (as some are already) find other services like Pownce, Facebook, etc. and bail out?

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