Twitter ramp-up

September 13 2008

I'm honored to now have over 700 people following me over on Twitter.  There is a weightiness to that number that, like this blog, reminds me that a lot of you are reading what I write, and your interest and attention is appreciated.  

One aspect of such a large population of Twitterati that I haven't quite figured out yet is who I should be reciprocally following.  A lot of those following me use screen names that I don't immediately recognize, and their profile isn't much help.  Another challenge is that I'm flattered to often be one of the first people that new Twitter users are choosing to follow -- but that means that they hit my Twitter radar just when they are starting out, and haven't had much to say.  I look at their profile, see the obligatory "figuring out what Twitter is" first tweet, and don't see an immediate value in following them back.

Twitter will lose value for me if I start following hundreds of people.  Just like I don't read every one of the 500 blogs I should be, I can't follow back on everyone who is tracking my tweets.  But I have yet to discover a tool that says, "this person started on Twitter a month / 3 months ago -- maybe you should check up to see if they are interesting now".  

I'd like to do that without looking at each contact one at a time.  Has anyone seen an approach that works to help me parse the 600 that I'm not following?

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