A couple of links have been sent my way in the last couple of days that are worth a comment --
SearchWin2000, IT's 2004 winners and losers:

It's that time of year again. The time of year when we look back and, in our infinite wisdom, judge other people and companies based on their failings and successes.
We'll start with the losers.
Domino (or is it Radicati?) -- Never one to speak softly when it comes to the subject of Domino, the Radicati Group published a report that said Domino's install base was eroding and Lotus had an end-of-life strategy for the platform. The report sparked outrage among the Domino user community, analysts and Lotus, which questioned Radicati's research methods, charging the report was Microsoft sponsored.
and then there's Techworld: Messaging still to solve security headaches:
IBM Lotus will see a continuing decline in its market share after a poor performance in the last 12 months, leaving Microsoft to control the market. The report summary was non-committal about the prospects for open source and independent email packages but sees this segment of the market making modest inroads into Microsoft's dominance.
OK, so as you all know, public comment on IBM's financials is a firing offense, especially in the "quiet period" before earnings are announced.  But that in and of itself is the point -- since IBM hasn't reported Q4/annual financials, how can anyone other than my team and management in IBM say with any confidence how Lotus Notes/Domino performed in '04?

Let's just say this, which is what I said to a business partner who asked me about the second report last night: I'm pretty comfortable that I'll be able to buy a round or two of sushi at Kimono's during Lotusphere, and that I'll have specific and concrete evidence in my Lotusphere presentation.

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