If you're not subscribing to this blog's comments RSS feed, you might have missed two recent postings with interesting ensuing discussion:

- The case study of a 160 user organization that migrated from Exchange to Domino has some interesting stories about other small Domino deployments, and the sometimes false indicating reasons why companies migrate (in either direction).

- The link to Jack Dausman's writeup about Exchange storage spawned several subsequent conversations.  The thread still in progress here shows several people trying to help Chris Bordeleau with troubleshooting a perceived Notes performance issue (that, at least at the moment, hasn't been reproduced in other environments).  This thread is a fascinating look at how the Lotus community works together and offers assistance of their own genuine accord...and is doing so in a professional way that will help others, too.  Jack himself also followed up this blog with another examining some of the Domino vs. Exchange storage differences in additional detail.

And then there's Gerry Murphy's comment on the link to Ben Rose's Domino 7 upgrade entry:

I love it.
Something that we take for granted has NO comments.
Godd thing that this is not a blog about the so called enterprise messaging product from Seattle!!

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