In the last few days, I've been contacted by a couple of different European business partners about new Domino products they've created in the webmail space.  It's very interesting to learn about market demand for different approaches to web-based mail/calendar for Domino users.

The first is IT Room-- .  Initially in French, they have built a very dynamic web UI for Domino mail.  Their calendar interface, for example, includes drag-and-drop ability to move appointments.  The same in mail -- drag-and-drop to folders.

IT Room has posted a video of their solution on YouTube:

Version Fran├žaise:

The second comes from Link It in Italy.  They have built a Google Mail-like user interface for Domino web mail.  You can access this on the LinkIT website.

Here's one screen shot, showing the inbox:

Image:Two interesting Domino webmail alternatives
You can try this one out yourself by going to and clicking Image:Two interesting Domino webmail alternatives

These are pretty cool.  What I am interested to see is how this develops -- along with the light mode for Domino Web Access coming in 8.0.1.  Lots of rapid evolution in the Domino web mail space!

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