Caught a couple of blog entries highlighting real-world success with the Domino 8.5 DAOS (Domino Attachment and Object Service) feature, with 25-50% savings in their real-world environments.

Dutch partner Eniac Essentials posted a story of a customer with 7000 Domino users and what was 4 TB of mail...

We where able to reduce the storage on the archive servers with around 750GB in total, this cleared the way to archive mailservers again an perform the same DAOS action again on newly archived files and added storage making 400GB of space in the mailservers.

    * Arch01 uses 950 GB for NSF data and 325 GB for DAOS, while the logical size of all NSF files is 1,7 TB
    * Arch02 uses 1430 GB for NSF data and 275 GB for DAOS, while the logical size of all NSF files is 2,0 TB

Since we now use DAOS we can change our back-up strategy, total back time is reduces with several hours in total.
The University of Windsor (Canada) also posted a "DAOS Rocks!" blog entry, including smiling faces of administrators:
1.3 GB on a server with DAOS versus 3.1 GB on a server without DAOS. Just by converting the mail file replica on TRITON to ODS 51 and enabling DAOS on it (compact -c), I brought the size down to 1.3 GB (see fig2). I just recovered 1.8 GB of disk space from one mail file.  ...

Overall, we recovered about 200 GB of storage space on each clustered server after implementing DAOS. 3 x 200 GB, that's 600 GB of space back to the pool.  ...

After we implemented DAOS on all mail archives on HADES, we recovered 600 MB of storage space on that partition. That's more that 1/3 of the space previously used to store these files.
We're turning some of these into reference stories, and am always happy to have additional real world successes to highlight.  What's yours?

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