I can't believe it's only two weeks away!  We're in the final countdown to Lotusphere 2010, and as usual, the preceding weeks are a flurry of activity to put the show together.  I'll be in our Massachusetts labs this week to review keynotes and session content, as well as work on some last-minute decisions, demonstrations, and discussions.  As usual, there will be some Lotusphere "magic" in there, too!

I just took a look at the registration list (which is trending almost exactly the same as Lotusphere 2009) and realized that I know or recognize the names of about 1/3rd of all of those who will be at the conference.  That is a lot of pressure on my name recollection skillz... but also means an opportunity to meet more than half of you for the first time.  I hope I will see you in one of my sessions -- the Notes/Domino strategy mini-keynote on Monday afternoon (Kevin Cavanaugh's keynote), Lotusphere Idol! auditions on Tuesday, and the "Oral history of Lotus Notes: The first 20 years" with Scott Souder on Wednesday afternoon.  That session is going to be so cool, and people keep sending me stuff to include.

Looking forward to seeing so many of you in just two weeks -- and remember, if you aren't part of the plan yet, there's still time to register for the full conference or the one-day conference passes (new this year!).

Link: ibm.com: Lotusphere 2010 >

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