I tweeted this last week and posted on my Facebook page, but it's probably worth repeating on the blog as well. Also covered on the Sametime Blog, a good resource in our UC2 efforts.

The Info-Tech Research Group just published its report on the UC Vendor Landscape, ranking unified communications vendors and products on various criteria. Here's the bottom line:

Image:UC Vendor Landscape from Info-Tech Research Group

Thank you to Info-Tech Research Group for recognizing IBM's continued leadership in this space.

Some have noted that in the eight weeks since I took over the Sametime product management team, I haven't said much on the blog so far. This is simply a function of startup time; I have not previously worked within this business area and most of my energy so far as been internally focused. The timing to start talking about it is very good, though, as next week at Enterprise Connect, Alistair Rennie will be keynoting the conference with a roadmap and vision for the future of UC and social communications.

Some of the other areas of UC where I've been focusing time and energy include our cloud approach for the full UC2 family, deployments of Sametime Unified Telephony, partner ecosystem, and mobility. I inherited a team of seven very senior and capable product managers in this area, and I will continue to share with you what I'm working with them on.

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