For those who are interested and/or couldn't join us in London last week, I've posted my current Notes/Domino family update presentation on Slideshare:

For those who were there, you'll note that I included the roadmap slide, but removed some details.  I don't think it's any secret that we've already said, quite publicly, that there would be a Notes 9 and 10 ... Ken Bisconti said so as far back as 2006.  So while some were surprised and thought that I was making a formal announcement, I wasn't... it was simply an updated version of the roadmap chart we've used in similar presentations for years.  I took out the description of the "9" (or whatever we call it) release, but those details will start to come out in the next four to six months anyway.

With a successful UKLUG behind us, I am leaving early in the morning for the Lotus Leadership Alliance (LoLA) in Hollywood, Florida.  The conference brings together a few hundred of the Lotus brand's top customers and a selection of business partners, through various programs and constituent organizations.  Today was opening day at the event, and Rob and Joseph have given it mentions already.  I believe most of the conference will be under NDA, and I won't be there for the keynote tomorrow morning anyway (though other bloggers obviously will be).  I will try to write some impressions of the next few days as the event progresses....especially the session that David Via and I are running as a marketing workshop -- "Understanding the Marketplace Advantages for Lotus Notes and Domino".  Those slides won't be posted, but I can certainly cover the basics at the time of the session.  For those at LoLA, I'll see you in the late morning Monday!

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