CRN's Barbara Darrow blogs about an upcoming Lotus "reunion"...

If you miss Lotus--well its parties anyway--there's a doozy coming up.

On May 12, some venerable alums are hosting a soiree on the River Charles. The Hyatt actually. So get yourself a ticket (They're not cheap at 100 clams.)

For that you're promised an open bar, music, video and (are you sitting down?) appearances by Mitch Kapor and Jim Manzi. Both have apparently RSVP'd in the affirmative. Party animal John Landry may also show.

I joined Lotus in '94, and didn't move to a worldwide job until 1998.  So I don't feel like I share the legacy that Darrow writes about (though I've been to plenty of nice Lotus parties, including the sales meeting that included samba dancing at a churrascuria in Cambridge...).  Still, for those who were there, this sounds like a lot of fun.  I certainly recognize a lot of names on the evite.

Link: Unblog: Party time for Lotus > (via Ben Poole)

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