United and Verizon Airfone have just become the first companies to receive Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval to install the necessary cabin equipment to enable passenger and crew use of wireless technology (Wi-Fi) devices on board a U.S. domestic commercial aircraft while inflight.
The certification is a welcome business development for both companies, as they have worked in conjunction for more than a year, including months of preparation and testing for safety and functionality, to obtain FAA approval for this service.  The approval currently applies to the cabin of United's B757-200 aircraft, as it was used to test the technology, and is part of a larger strategy to enable high-speed wireless Internet access on board all United aircraft.
I'm surprised this hasn't made bigger news.  While several carriers are already offering in-flight Internet service, United is the first US flag carrier to make such plans.  Also notable for partnering with Verizon, not the first-mover Connexion by Boeing.
Link: United Airlines and Verizon Airfone Certified for Passenger Wi-Fi in the Sky > (via Peter O'Kelly)

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