One more holiday-related topic is a toy not yet purchased.  I am so confused!  I am trying to buy a universal remote for my TV/DVD/stereo/TiVo/cable setup, and I am so lost.  I was all over which was helpful, but clearly written for people who are seriously into the category.  I need some more basic advice.

My hardest challenge is getting the inputs/outputs all switched over right.  The TV and receiver have separate inputs from the DVD/TiVo/HD Cable.  I need a universal remote that will make it easy to push a single button and have all those aligned correctly.  I understand that some of these universal remotes play macros that should be able to do that.  

I like the clean look of the ones that have LCD screens.  Other than that, I haven't a clue about how to buy a universal remote.  Oh, and I don't need a super-high end one -- just looking to unify those five devices.  Any pointers?

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