Yesterday, for the third time in about a month, I set off the anti-theft alarm upon entering and leaving a Target or Walgreens store.  No, I haven't turned to a life of petty crime, so I was puzzled and frustrated by my newfound skill.  Last night, through deductive reasoning, I realized that I had bought a couple of new pairs of jeans at the Gap last month, and they had those nasty sewn-in security tags.  Obviously, this is what was setting off the store alarms.

This is a very bad idea, especially without some kind of consumer notification.  I've seen the tags occasionally on coats, even some shirts...but who actually checks out the tags in a pair of jeans?  It's not like I need to read the wash instructions!  It would have been helpful for the clerks at the store to mention that there was such a tag in these jeans.  Apparently the Gap is even putting these tags in the jeans at their Old Navy stores, presumably because theft of US$20 jeans is rampant in America.

Sometimes changing the UI on the installed base is a serious retraining issue. :)

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