Upcoming events update

April 29 2005

I've blogged a few separate entries over the last few weeks about May and June events and my travel schedule.  Someone suggested that I summarize....

  • Houston, May 4:  Notes/Domino 7 and beyond, with a little bit of a competitive update
  • Boston, May 17-20: The View's Admin2005.  I will be speaking on Notes/Domino 7, and part of the "Ask the Experts" where you can bring any marketing, product packaging/pricing, and competitive questions.
  • May and June: IBM's Workplace Live tour.  At the moment, I'm only planning on attending the Chicago venue, but there are dozens of events (more than 60) around the world.
  • Hannover, Germany, June 14-16: DNUG+IBM Lotus Technical Forum 2005.  I'll be delivering the Notes/Domino Strategy presentation with Kevin Cavanaugh, and hosting a panel or two.
Oh, and the blog will be offline tonight into tomorrow morning Chicago time...emergency power outage at the hosting site.

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