Very excited about three upcoming opportunities where I will be talking social business and Opting In with three very different audiences:

I'll also be covering IBM's MobileFirst strategy at some events very soon, starting next week with BLUG in Leuven, Belgium! Space is still available to attend BLUG, with a couple dozen amazing speakers all at no charge. On Thursday the 21st next week, I will also be at the IBM Business Connect event in Paris for some of the day, though not in a speaking capacity.

Last, I should start mentioning IBM's Impact conference at the end of April more regularly, April 28 to May 2. This is a Lotusphere/Connect-equivalent conference (actually significantly bigger) where we will have 35+ sessions on IBM MobileFirst. The website features a session preview tool and details of many of the event components, including the unconference, hackathon, and oh, Matchbox 20.

Hope to see you (or "see" you) soon!

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  1. 1  Bob Brodsky  |

    Ahh, Leuven - Home of Stella ;)

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