The summer is when things are supposed to slow down, right?  Well, not when we are just weeks away from launching Notes/Domino 8.5.2, LotusLive Notes, and all sorts of fun planning next releases.  I've also been trying to stay home, for a bit, or at least keep my passport in the lockbox for a while.

Still, there is travel ahead.  From a major activity perspective, in August I will be at IamLUG in St Louis on August 2 and 3.  The keynote speaker this year is Doug Cox, IBM Vice President of Development and Support for Lotus.  This will be Doug's first keynote in this role, which he has had since the beginning of the year.  I know I personally am excited for Doug to be a part of the event and learn more about the community and how you are all using the technology his team builds.  There are a lot of additional events and activities around IamLUG, be sure to check them all out.

A few weeks later, the user groups around my home turf are having their 2nd annual Midwest Lotus User Group (MWLUG), which, unfortunately, I can't make due to vacation schedule long-ago.  Some great speakers, though.

Following vacation, I have tentative plans for a Southeast Asia tour, my first in four+ years.  Will announce any details as they come to life.

In September, I've scheduled a busy week in my next trip to Europe, including the Pavone Powersphere event on 15-16 September in Paderborn, Germany.  Following that, some events upcoming including one with Darren and Lisa from STS and the annual Lotus Leadership Alliance.  

Pretty soon we'll be thinking about Lotusphere 2011 again!

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