Let's do the mea culpa first -- Yes, I know it has been eight days since 8.0.1 eGA.  Yes, I agree, this should have been addressed sooner. Yes, I agree that having any registration at all is onerous.  We all agree.  I wish we didn't have to, but we have to.  I have not made friends internally for being a pest on this, but I am pestering.

Having said that, I have assurances that a separate Lotus Notes Traveler download for IBM business partners is being set up.  The partner license agreement is being approved and a partner-specific download site being set up.

In the meantime, we've given access to the Lotus Notes Traveler code to all the Lotus sellers and IT specialists, so if you are a partner and are looking to demo Lotus Notes Traveler, I suggest teaming up with your local Lotus IT specialist.

More details when I get them.

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