The July 16 pre-release candidate of Notes/Domino 8 is in the hands of beta testers and design partners tonight, as the march towards release continues.  Mary Beth Raven commented last week about our role in the release "jury", voting on readiness of each candidate build.  I know part of what I'll be doing tomorrow...

Outside of the development labs, the extended team has signed off on the availability plan for Notes/Domino 8.  In prior postings, I've teased a bit that I scheduled vacation to coincide with that availability plan.  But my vacation starts two weeks from tomorrow...and it now looks like I'll be out at the time of or just before the actual code availability.  We're talking a few days one way or another at this point, and any which way, the code will be out the door in August.

My days at the moment include a fair bit of ND8 presentation planning, document review (FAQs, new papers and brochures), reference acquisition, and internal communications.  We're also working hard on the 8.0.1 and "next" (8.5/9.0/whatever we call it) plans for Notes/Domino, which are moving along and more detail should be available soon externally.  Add in some customer meetings and ad-hoc work...and I'm pretty ready for the what I suspect will be the last calm before the excitement storm going from ND8 availability all the way through Lotusphere 2008.  Which, oh yeah, we're starting work on that, too.  Did someone say beach?

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