In previous entries on this topic, I've mentioned how the development team has put significant focus on improving the performance of the Notes 8 client in the upcoming 8.0.2 release (planned for Q3, target: August).  In the last couple of days, it's become apparent that 8.0.2 is going to address the main concerns that have been expressed about the Notes 8 standard configuration, both in terms of performance as well as in terms of footprint.

To summarize the development efforts to improve Notes 8.0.2:

  • The startup sequence for the client has been re-ordered, so that  we load only the code necessary to get to your Inbox most quickly, loading other necessary components either in the background, or when they are accessed by the application.  Mary Beth Raven discussed this at ILUG2008 a few weeks ago, and the attendee reaction was incredibly favorable.
  • The memory footprint has been reduced by ensuring that the client only loads code into memory that is needed.  Some redundancies among different modules -- such as the embedded Sametime code -- have been reduced or eliminated.  Some unused Eclipse components are no longer loaded altogether.

The results are impressive.  Our development team is benchmarking on an IBM ThinkPad T30, which is a 2 GHz Pentium 4 processor with 1 GB of RAM installed.  On this machine, the Notes 8.0.2 standard beta hums.  
  • The "cold" startup time (first load for Notes, nothing in cache) has been reduced 50% versus Notes 8.0.1.  The "warm" startup time (Notes has previously run) has been reduced 67%.
  • The working set memory footprint has been reduced by more than 20%.  It's still more than Notes 7 or Notes 8 basic configuration, but not by the orders of magnitude we've seen so far.

The data I'm looking at in writing this blog entry is two weeks old... and both of these numbers have been improving week to week during the engineering phase of 8.0.2.  

Some customers are waiting for these results before implementing Notes 8, and I understand that.  The good news is that Notes 8.0.2 addresses some of the concerns we've been hearing since shipping Notes 8.  Many customers don't need to wait, though, and can deploy in their current environments -- just like the over 40,000 IBMers running Notes 8.0.x today in production, and the 90+ customer references published for Notes/Domino 8 already (most of these are in IBM's internal reference database, as opposed to public are working on getting more of them on the external website).

Notes 8.0.2 is in beta now.  If getting ahold of the beta code would help accelerate your deployment, let me know (via e-mail) and I'll see if I can get you into the program.  The odds of success increase if your company will be a reference for Notes 8 :-)

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