No, it's not your fruit-inspired app store, at least not yet.  But the Lotus Solutions Catalog at has been updated with a number of Web 2.0-y features, including a carousel UI, more feedback on popularity and interest in particular entries or the overall catalog, and versioning for entries.  All built on Domino XPages, and with a much-improved UI.

Image:Updated Lotus Solutions Catalog

What do we still have to do?  A lot more.  Long list, team internally already knows clearly what some of the next updates should be.  But it has come a long long way in six months, and will continue to improve.

While I've been mostly silent in terms of the online conversation, my team and I have been following the thoughts around needing a full-fledged appstore for Notes.  I applaud some of the community efforts to try to fill this need, but I also think that unless or until we integrate an experience into our software solutions and/or LotusLive, the audience and reach will be limited. But discovering the art of the possible through efforts like the Solutions Catalog, OpenNTF, and 3rd party approaches all help direct and solidify thinking.  I'm still not sure I'm entirely sold on Nathan Freeman's belief that unless the apps can be installed by end-users, any other approach is a failure.  A local-install process that can be turned off by admins, maybe.  But surfacing awareness of apps/catalog through the end-user interface is, I believe, an important next goal, though it may take a lot to get to that point.  We'll see.

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