Some large companies, including Boeing, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems, are letting senior executives blog, but not a single blogger is known to be a Fortune  1000 chairman and/or CEO.

In part, that seems surprising. Blogs, short for weblogs, are personal Web sites for posting thoughts, rants and opinions in chronological order. One written by a CEO would slice through traditional media gatekeepers and bring him or her unedited to the desktop of customers, employees, Wall Street analysts and competitors. A blog by a prominent CEO would attract instant traffic, could influence public opinion, perhaps steer legislation and maybe sell a few widgets.

But despite all of the power and sway that awaits an early adopter, it's going to take a brave CEO with thick skin to enter the blogosphere. The corporate sphere likes its skeletons packed away, or at least vetted through legal and public relations departments. Companies have been trained to be inoffensive.
The full article contiains several interesting perspectives on the risks versus rewards of CEO-level blogging.  There is acknowledgement of the success of other corporate blogging, including the de rigeur mention of the Scobleizer.  Still, it doesn't seem that many CEOs are ready to jump into the pond.  

My real point in linking to this is that many of the same risks exist for any corporate blog.
Link: USAToday: CEOs refuse to get tangled up in messy blogs  >

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  1. 1  Joel Demay  |


    Despite your stratospheric rise within IBM Corporation, you probably have a few months/years ? left before they make you CEO, so you can keep on blogging ;-)

  1. 2  Ben Rose |

    At the end of the day, most CEOs don't even knows what a blog is...unfortunately.

    Then again, if I was a shareholder, would I want the CEO to take up his valuable time blogging?

  1. 3  Simon Barratt  |

    Our CEO would be hardpressed to find the right side of the keyboard!!!;-)

    Having said that, I am am trying to encourage other senior business managers that this would be in our favour! We shall see what happens!

  1. 4  Dudu Mimran |

    See "Why CEO should blog - my personal experience" -